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Ozark Mtn picker and grinner.

I dream music. Guys with hands like claws, pulling haunting diminished chords out of pianos and thin air.Just wish I could play it later.Been playing about 40 years now,(since I was 11),not scratched the surface. Started with Chet Atkins stuff in the 60's, went quickly to Lenny Breau and the jazz thing from there, still my first love. But also play some Alex Degrassi pieces-type,getting into folk in a big way.But jazz and blues are where it's at for me.Indian music, my own stuff; I like a diverse range of things. Gave lessons years ago, before I found out I know nothing except the fundamental, rudimentary music theory stuff ya learn in college. I do know my own ear. To me, everything important is ear, and preference. Within a framework. Blues player from way back; not very good at it either.

Heard a great new/old jazz recording?

Then drop me a line! I moved here to the hills from Hawaii, where there was a plethora of players of all stripes...thought I needed the space. Well, too much space here. Not enough musicians. I will talk any music with anyone on here. I will talk damned near anything but trucks and deer hunting, and I have loved both at one time or another. Thanks for reading this far; I can answer some theory questions and enjoy helping new guitarists. Though I must add, that since joining this site about 5 yrs ago and first writing this page, I am stunned, in shock and awe, at the level of knowledge and help available to anyone who asks. I have been very humbled by my own inadequacies on here. Is there any music I don't like? Boy bands. Brittany whatever. etcetera

Love many "blues" not listed below. As well as a million other things.

Musical Influences

  • Lenny Breau, James Taylor, Gordon Lightfoot
  • Bill Evans, Chick Corea, Oscar Peterson
  • Duke Ellington/Billy Strayhorn, Wayne Shorter

Favorite Recordings

  • Kinda Blue/Miles
  • John McLaughlin, Electric Guitarist, and Time Remembered by him
  • Lenny Breau live at Shelly's Manhole, and the Living Room Tapes, 5 o'Clock Bells