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Sr. Lore Bluesmen

Me & My Guitar.....(Violin)

Guitar; Relating To The Life Of Laimana

Born in Chelsea,Massachusette "1960". During a snow storm, and was moved and raised in Hawaii since "1962". I started playing the guitar some time in the early "1970s". By "1975" I was playing in a band in high school called "The Band". We played Rock and Roll, and Hawaiian tunes for our High School Dances we also traveled to the outer islands to perform. I graduated in "1980." Now I want to play strictly my own tunes and "THE BLUES". some what like Hendrix. Clapton is the bomb, and all. I'd like to be able to really get my solo's to tell the story, to have that special feeling all of themselves. You know what I mean! ! ! Like playing B.B.King, or SRV. But more in the line Buddy Guy, Huddie Leadbetter, and Albert King. If you know what I mean?


Ive been in love before... And though Ive tryed again Now that your love, knocks apond my door Im willingly letting you in.

Not to rush things, like so... many times before... But to become friends, before lovers endure. The light that I speak of, youll see in the end. For when one is straight and forword, Thats when love begins. Other Favorite Lessons #507

Musical Influences

  • Jimi Hendrix-B.B.King
  • Nickleback-John Mayer
  • Carlos Santana

Favorite Recordings

  • J.Hendrix's Hey Joe,& Voodoo Child (slight return)
  • Santana, Smooth,& Maria,maria
  • Zeppelin's, Stairway to heaven