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Steve Suomu

Just a few words

I have taught guitar here in Winnipeg since 1996 and I love it. I enjoy watching others learn and get the same enjoyment that I do. I like to play many types of music, I have also written several Classical pieces, and acoustic instrumental pieces.


With so many styles of playing it is hard to keep up with everything, but that is what makes us grow and makes us learn as well as the student. We (students & teachers) are constantly learning, once you start there is no end to the proceess. That realization is the first step in truly understanding the scope of what we have gotten ourselves into.

Musical Influences

  • Leo Kottke
  • Don Ross
  • Micheal Hedges

Favorite Recordings

  • Don Ross "Bearing Straight"
  • Micheal Manring "Drastic Measures"
  • Martin Sexton "Black Sheep"