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Johnny aka Noodles

Me with my Les Paul 1960 Classic at a Stendhal show


Check out my band STENDHAL We're "dark experimental rock and roll" fom Philadelphia.
I have a solo project as well - a dark, sometimes violent experimental project - called Tea for Sydney.

You're Still Here?

I've been playing guitar for 15 years, playing in bands for most of the last 10. I have loved every second I've spent with the guitar.
My musical tastes are all over the place, from Skinny Puppy to Charlie Parker. Any genre of music can turn you onto something you might not have thought of, if you give it a chance.
In Stendhal, I've moved into experimenting with effects-something I didn't do much of previously. More and more I look for ways to play the effect as an instrument itself - pushing the listener to question if the sound is a guitar at all. It's a far cry from my "good old days" of using only the amp's built in distortion and it can be overwhelming sometimes, but the results, for me, are worth it.
My Guitars
197x Martin Reject - I love this guitar. I play it more than any other I have. Just holding it is like going home.
1989(?) Fender 1968 Reissue Strat- sunburst with a white pickguard. It's semi-retired, and kept in a room 500 miles away. I get to play it on vacations.
198x Vantage - I have no model info on this at all. It's just a good cheap guitar that I beat the hell out of playing hc-punk. It's my back up stage axe now.
199x Les Paul Classic 1960 - My main guitar for stage/band use. NO ONE touches my Les Paul unless they want to die.
199x Danelectro - I don't even know the model number. How lame is that? It's the 2 pickup model. I play this one all the time when I want to play electric at home. One of the greatest cheap guitars ever made.
199x Epiphone Joe Pass - It's beautiful. But WOW does it need adjustment now. This past summer really did a number on the neck-it buzzes like a bee hive.
Amps Roland JC-120 - Was main stage amp. It's pretty beat up, but it keeps kicking. I don't care what people say, solid state can sound cool.
Marshall Valvestate 8040-I got this one 7 years ago i think? I even GIGGED with it. Punk shows. This little tiny amp. Still, it served me well. Now it's beaten, abused, and barely works but it has sentimental value.
Vox Pathfinder - 15 watt practice amp. I reviewed it here on Wholenote. I like the sound of this amp a lot, for recording and for practice.
Danelectro DM25 - my first electric amp. Paisley speaker cloth. Crazy little 1x12 from the 60s.
Fender Stage 100 head - LOUD and CLEAN and i love it. I run it thru a Laney 4x12. Laney Class A tube amp - i don't know the model. this is my favorite amp for playing around the house.

Musical Influences

  • Minor Threat, Joy Division, Metallica (old), Greg Ginn,
  • Einsturzende Neubauten, Faith and the Muse,
  • Bauhaus, Skinny Puppy, Neil Young, The Cure

Favorite Recordings

  • Axis:Bold As Love - Jimi Hendrix, Getz/Gilberto, Circle Jerks - Golden Shower of Hits,
  • Tabula Rasa - Einsturzene Neubauten, Giant Steps-Coletrane,
  • Lookinglasself - Snapcase, Milestones- Miles Davis