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Old man guitars

Douglas Roberts

I'm a retired road musician,I am no longer giving lessons,I am currently working on my new band -ego I am promoting the cd project for my old band Dirty bob band.Visit our website I am a father of three, that is currently thinking about returning to a tour bus.I am now dedicated to playing Christian Rock and all that entails.I have recently expanded my musical tastes to include some new rock artists.e-mail


Electrics: Now gone is the 51 nocaster,72 thinline telecaster reissue,replaced by a 77 3 bolt Strat w/red lace p/u by a 94 Gibson SG stanard,2003 Peavey Wolfgang special,Ibanez ag 7 string and a Briarwood acoustic electric w/cutaway 100w/Jcm 900 412 full stack and a 100 w/fender twin reverb,

Musical Influences

  • IOMMI,LYNCH,RHOADES and my grandfather Virgil Roberts

Favorite Recordings

  • Hendrix little wing Clapton bell bottom blues everything Vaughn ever played
  • Rush 2112,entre nous,Led zeppilen what is and should never be
  • sabbath heaven and hell and everything Rhoades ever played