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Er... I have no title....

Me in my apartment in China


I am a resident of New York State.

I played the trombone for 8+ years. I stopped while in college. I missed music very much. I have been playing the classical guitar since the end of 2000. I am currently reading on theory and technique.

I am a school teacher (special education) by day (Not anymore, though. It's summer...). Book worm by night....

On July 27th, I will be moving to Changsha, China to teach conversational English. I will only teach about 12 hours per week. In my spare time, I plan to work on my Masters in Curriculum Development and Instructional Technology and practice my guitar as much as possible.

For those intereted, I will have a web site I'll update about my experience.

Here's the URL: Jason's China Page

There's not much there right now, as I leave for China today (7-27-03).

My Guitars:

I have a Yamaha CG171SF Flamenco Guitar and an Alhambra 3C Classical Guitar.

I generally use D'Addario EXP strings on both of them. They tend to keep a nice tone and last 2-3 times longer than other strings.

One of my favorite sites is It is a wealth of information.

Musical Influences

  • Gothic Music - Various Groups
  • Classical Music - Mostly all of it.
  • 80's Alternative