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Well, I've been playing guitar now for about year and a half, but I've practiced non-stop and can say that I'm better than a lot of people I know that have been playing for several years. My primary influence was metallica. "Enter Sandman" was what motivated me to play the guitar and play it well. Last summer I travelled to the National Guitar Workshop in Seattle. . .

There I learned what it meant to shred. I thought it was the coolest thing, and soon developed a nice shreding skills of my own. As long as I had Wah-Wah and lots of distortion, I was fine, but then my world was turned upside down...

Jazz, Classic Rock, and of course, Funk


I got exposed to a huge amount of music this year. Luckily I've been studying like hell and I think I'm getting better. Slowly I've been able to turn the Pregain down and focus on playing good quality notes, instead of a string of hastily retread sixteenths. And that's what I'm working on now, but don't get me wrong, I've been known to crack a Kirk Hammet solo every now and then.


I've gone Jazz! Now isn't that a famous phrase that every parent shudders when they hear it. Well i've been doing jazz for about two years now and guitar for about five or six. I'm going to UC Berkeley and doing UC Jazz there and am always actively searching for playing oppurtunities in the bay area. I'm probobly not going to make the plung into career land (I'm a Astrophysics major), but music is an inseperable part of my life and i'll hopefully be playin on the scene till the day i die. Drop me a line sometime if you're in the area.

Musical Influences

  • Metallica, Phish, Hendrix
  • Santana, Miles Davis
  • Clifford Brown, Keith Jarrett

Favorite Recordings

  • Miles Davis - Kind of Blue (Album)
  • Phish- A Live One(Album)- Stash
  • Hendrix - Experience Hendrix (Best of Album) - Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

Favorite Lessons