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Twang Buzzz

Hi, I have been playing Guitar for 30 odd years, all styles, all types, have a heap of instruments behind the sofa that annoy my wife and kids. All I want to do is be Ritchie Blackmore, all they want to do is watch Buffy the vapire slayer, (without me playing along). I also twang the banjo, the madolin, starting to scrape a violin, and always carry two or three harmonicas, just to irritate buskers by joining in and jamming.

What is wrong with music

Am I getting old, why is music today, chart and indie, boring, staid, and just posing. It is a long while since I heard a modern record being played by people who really are trying to say something. Nothing today seems to be done with the intent of pushing across a message, other than by the old guys, who are no longer doing for any reason other than to have fun. Any one reading this please argue!!

Musical Influences

  • JS Bach
  • Eric Clapton
  • Pink Floyd

Favorite Recordings

  • The Wall
  • Deuces Wild BB King (a good party record)
  • Dido No Angel