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My Guitar...I worked all summer for it! JS1000

Hello Everyone!

My original page was really crappy, so I am going to try to change it around some. I play the guitar (of course!) and try to be pretty serious about it. I am in a Jazz performance class in my high school, which I enjoy, and I also like playing classical, metal and other types of music. I am self taught (ahh!) and I am giving lessons to hopefully pay for some of my own. Sometimes I wish I could have been taught from an earlier age, but I started playing when I was 12. My music reading isn't the best, but I am trying! I love learning theory, and I just love learning anything with regards to the guitar!

My Goals

As of right now, I am not 100% sure of what I want to do in college, but it could be anything from medicine to guitar performance. Next year, I will be taking some AP Theory classes, so hopefully I will decide next school year (my junior year). As of right now, I am leaning towards music as a career, but like I said, I do not yet know!

That picture if of my guitar from the Ibanez site, the JS1000. I fell in love with it when I looked at it, and when I played it it fell in love with me. And when it was set-up correctly? hah, it was awesome! The neck it so awesome because, to me, it is perfect. It is not too thin, but not too beefy. I play a lot of Jazz, and it can give me a good muddy sound, and then give me a beatiful clean tone. It was worth working all summer for! I paid a total of $990, including case and the guitar and taxes, which was a steal because they were asking $999 for the guitar, but I found a lower price and they had to match it! Needless to say, the guy who sold it to me was miffed because I think I took away his commission for finding a place that sold the guitar for $875 ;-)

Musical Influences

  • Vinnie Moore, John Petrucci, Niccolo Paganini
  • John Mclaughlin(sp!), Charlie Christian
  • Pat Metheny, Satch, Vai and many more!

Favorite Recordings

  • The Maze - Vinnie Moore
  • Paganini's 24 Caprices
  • The Best of Pat Metheny