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Always ready to jam.

Thanks for stopping by. My Name is Dave Hall, I pick alot of blues and old rock. I still like to turn it up. I've been playing since somtime in the 60's, one of these days I'll get the hang of it. I enjoy picking more than anyone that you know, Guaranteed.

Central Arkansas Jammin'

I grew up in Oklahoma, and am now living in central Arkansas. Equipment: G&L Invader (Floyd Rose, Humbuckers a real hotrod),---- Fender Stratocaster (bought new in"82" and still in love),---- Fender Telecaster (Already wore one out before I bought the strat, missed it so I got another),---- Danelectro DC 3 cool twang,(I had a couple of old silvertone dano's when I was a kid and still love their sound.)---- Samick hf 650,---- Samick Sat 650, ---- Alverez Acoustic(hardly ever play it),---- Peavey express 112(great amp for the money),---- Johnson J-Station,---- Vox valvetone overdrive pedal,---- Dunlop crybaby.----My other equipment includes a keyboard and a pretty good set of drums. I have been reviewing the equipment that I have, when time allows, Check it out. Great Hobbie, Fun Stuff. I have not picked with a steady band in years, I think that I'm about ready to try again. If you are in the central Arkansas area and want to jam, just get in touch. I check in at wholenote almost everyday now. Feel free to e-mail me if you like.

Musical Influences

  • Elvin Bishop(My Tulsa buddy), Buddy Guy, Bob Wills and the texas Playboys. (They were great musicians, ), Doc Watson,
  • SRV(of course) Jimi Hendrix(of course) Tower of Power, Tony Joe White
  • Billy Gibbons, Billy Gibbons, Billy Gibbons. Carlos Santana