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Theresa Ann Dobbs

2000 Press Release Photo by Hillsman Jackson (Dallas, TX)

Welcome To My Page.

Theresa Ann Dobbs

Theresa Ann Dobbs,

Classical Guitarist, Cellist, Composer, and Teacher

Last Edited 20 July 2012

My guitar experience began when I was 12 years old, living in Japan. My first instrument of choice was piano, but was given a guitar instead and this has become my voice and my love. All aspects of the guitar have enamored me; it's rich and mysterious history, the colorful musicians who have played it, the wonderful composers who wrote for it. The evolution of a simple parlor instrument that has become a major force of youth in the late 20th and early 21st century. The continuing change that is occurring in the literature, both classical and modern. This is the instrument that provides for me and I for it.

What sort of gear does a classical guitarist have?

Content Revised 20 July 2012

Musicians have an affinity for their instruments. I myself am no different. I play what I love, and love what I play. Some of my instruments are quite unique in that they have a history behind them. I have started a photo gallery of my instruments and on display for your perusal. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Along with my photo gallery of instruments, I also have added a gallery of amplifiers and speaker cabinets that I have assembled over the years. This may seem quite odd for a classical guitarist to have, but then again, I classify myself first and foremost, a guitarist. You may wish to also take a look at rack gear and miscellaneous items that I have amassed as well. Inevitibly, there are times when we must part with our beloved instruments or amplifiers. Although these pieces are gone, they are not forgotten.


Holds a Master of Music degree from Southern Methodist University and a Bachelor of Science in Music (Performance) from Texas Woman's University. Graduated Magna cum Laude, in 1997. Featured in the 1995-1997 editions of the National Dean's List, inducted into the Phi Theta Kappa, Gamma Beta Phi, and Mu Phi Epsilon organizations, serving as the Mu Chi Chapter President from 1998-99. Holds a valid certificate from the Texas Board for Educator Certification. Multiple award winner, featured in Who's Who. Classically trained, studied with Carlo Pezzimenti and Robert Guthrie. Extensive experience with MIDI implementation of modern rack gear and the use of effects, amplification and programming..
As a composer, she studied with Robert Frank, Mark Dal Porto and attended masterclasses with Donald Erb, and Samuel Adler to name a few. Her compositions have been performed in Texas, Pennsylvania, and Florida. A commissioned composer, her Dualities for Clarinet, Brass Ensemble, Electronics and Percussion; Fantasia pour Cor; Feline Romp for solo clarinet are some recent works performed in the classical idiom. Plains of Lhasa and Tearing were composed in the electro-acoustic medium. She is a member of ASCAP, TMEA, ASTA, and self publishes. In addition to her professional schedule, she has taught music technology related courses and music theory as an adjunct professor for a local junior college and maintains an active private teaching studio in Dallas, Texas; and is a Head Director of an orchestra program in a south Texas school district.

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Musical Influences

  • Andres Segovia
  • Leonardo De Angelis
  • Steve Howe

Favorite Recordings

  • Concerto De Toronto - Leo Brouwer
  • The Art of Segovia -Performances by Andres Segovia
  • Cuban Landscapes-Various