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I have been playing Guitar for about 22 years now. I am in two metal bands, TYRANT and, ONE NATION. I have been teaching guitar for 10 years and am currently Teaching privately at my home studio or at the students homes My E-Mail is I live breath and sleep guitar, there is not a time of day when the guitar isnt in my hands.

Musical styles

I play mostly Neo-classical Metal, all styles of Metal(Thrash, Death, Power Etc...), and, Progressive Rock and Metal(Ala:Dream Theater.) But, am also proficient in traditional classical and blues. FEEL FREE TO E-MAIL ME IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO TALK ABOUT PLAYING, GEAR, THEORY or, If you have any questions I can maybe help you with. More info about me at:

Musical Influences

  • Randy Rhoads
  • Steve Vai
  • Yngwie Malmsteen and, to many others to list.

Favorite Recordings

  • To many to list