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Alexander's Dark Band

Welcome to my page

Thanks for stopping by. Here's the basic skinny on me and my gear. At this point I am just palying recreationally. I have a day job as a programmer, and I also have a wife and two kids. My oldest is an 11 year old boy who plays the sax. He's almost at the point where he can jam along with Dad on bass or rhythm guitar.

My Gear

Guitars: Taylor 512 accoustic, Ibanez AS50 archtop with Seymour Duncan Humbuckers, Fender Stratocaster. Bass: Yamaha BBN4. Amp: Marshall AVT 275. Pedals: Modified Dunlop Crybaby. Also: A fair selection of harps left over from my folky/bluesy days.

Musical Influences

  • Doc Watson, Mississippi John Hurt
  • George Harrison, Carlos Santana
  • Matt 'Guitar' Murphy, Duke Robillard

Favorite Recordings

  • Rubber Soul
  • Supernatural
  • Jeff Beck Wired