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Von Blare'

Welcome to all .....go into the light....all are welcome...

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by. My name is Mike and yes, I am addicted to music. I'm a 44yr old guy in Orland Park Illinois (Chicago south side suburb). In what little spare time I have, my world turns to MUSIC!!!! I've been playing guitar for 26 years now and still love every second. I have been in and out of different bands and wanted to make a career as a guitarist, but now music is my hobby and I write and record all my own music. Ain't life great.

My Stuff

My main guitar is a '68 Fender Strat thru a Boss ME multi effects pedal into a Line 6 Vetta. Other guitars and equipment include.. a Washburn 6 string acoustic, an Alverez 12 string acoustic, a Bentley mandolin, some Yamaha keyboards, a microKorg synth, an old Zoom drum machine (still usefull product) etc.

Favorite Recordings

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