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Anything Goes!!!

The Leaders

Metal Militia

"Here goes the 666 to all of you metal heads out there. There have been possible Brittany Spears sightings in your general area. Lock your doors, and do not answer the phone. If spotted, call your local Metal Militia, I repeat, if spotted, call youre local Metal Militia."

My Weapons

List, newest ending with oldest...

Archer Quilt Maple Top with either Basswood/Mahogony body, HSH, Single volume, Single tone, Gold hardware, Liscensed Floyd/Schaller Double locking trem, Locking nut, Sealed tuners, Strap locks (soon to be added)

Ibanez RG470LH Gem blue finish, Black hardware, HSH, Single volume, Singe tone, Ibanez Edge II Trem

Alvarez DC8 Mahogony back/sides, Spruce top, Clear coat finish, Mahogony neck, Rosewood fingerboard, Sealed tuners, Rosewood bridge, Brass bridge pins (soon to be added)

Ibanez GRX20LH Scrapped for parts...

Frankenstein Future project in the works....

Musical Influences

  • Randy Rhoads
  • "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott (R.I.P 1966-2004)
  • Tony Iommi

Favorite Recordings

  • CRAZY TRAIN (what more needs be said)
  • Pantera - Cowboy From Hell
  • Black Sabbath - IRON MAN