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Sanity Break


From Queensland Australia: Looking back at October 2001, a few gigs later things are changing in many ways. Lots to do and lots to play, I still find most of what I need for new ideas and practice riffs on this site. So many contribute great material, some more challenging than others but all with good intent - thanks to all and keep up the good work. (Special Hello to Charles - the most dedicated contributing guitarist for the entire site)


It was a recent decision to get serious. Unfortunately I did not realise how boring hours of scale practice can become but the effort has been worth while. I consider I still have a long way to go but every practice session I learn something new, speed gets a little faster, fingers a little more familiar.

Musical Influences

  • Dave Gilmore and Roger Waters
  • Queen - Brian May (Legend!)
  • Steve Vai (Another Legend)

Favorite Recordings

  • Alan Parsons and Pink Floyd
  • Eagles Hell Freezes Over
  • Queen - The Show Must Go On