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32 years of fiddlin

Hi and thanks for stopin in

Hi Iam an older that dirt guitar player who been there done that,and am still doin 47 male and have played all over never to be discovered except by you beacuse you found me,Iam disabled and have a lot of time on my hands which I spend play the strings,glad to meet you!!!

What I play

I have a lot of toys,Three Fenders Afat strat and a super strat along with a telecaster Thinline 70's reissuie.I have also afew Kramers, a Imperial X AE with a shadow PU and a Striker with the new Gibson Rail pick-ups. I finaly got my Steinberger Sprit, a headless guitar with all the toys. The sound is ammazing. a Brownsville thug Dearmond T77 my Three yamaha's A mike Sterns PC120,and a AES 800 with soap Pick-up realy nice I also have a Drop6 that plays with a lodsom growl.I do like my Epi Les Paul standard,Casino,special 2 Iam know useing a Cravin Bel-air 50 and a Carvin Sx200 head along with my Randell 100 and Crate 125DSP

Musical Influences

  • Claption,Joe Satriani,Steve Vai,Frank Zappa
  • Kings X ,Cream,BB King Mike Sterns
  • Collective Soul

Favorite Recordings

  • John McLaughlin all of them
  • Firefall
  • CSNY