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Name's Tom. I've been strumming my guitar for about three years now. My old lady gave me a month of weekly lessons at the local guitar shop - but I never went after that. The guy was good and got me started out ok but they were too expensive and a little fast for me. For instance, I think I could go back right now, after three years, and another month of lessons would probably last me another three years. I'm probably due - kidding aside - I'm just now getting bored with strumming my chords - and am starting to try and pick a little - both fingers and flat - would really dig it if I could pick and strum during the same song and make it sound good. Once I set my hand to pick I'm okay but if I move it to strum - I can't find my strings right away and it spoils the rhythm - which I have decided is about 98% of music. I'll keep you posted as I improve.

Lucky Find

The best thing that happened to my playing beyond practise - is the Seagull guitar I found at the guitar shop. I started playing with a $100 used Epiphone which was alright to try and learn chords with - but I didn't realize how hard it was to play until I started looking around. I would have probably quit if I hadn't stumbled across my Seagull. I paid like $275 for it with a nice hardshell case and tax included. Absolutely the best sounding and easiest playing guitar I've found for less than $600. The better the sound the more you play - the easier to play the more you enjoy it - the more you enjoy it the more you practice - the more you practice the better you sound - and so it goes - a nice spiral for a change.

Musical Influences

  • I don'y know about influences but I have always dug the blues and then other stuff from there
  • Beatles, Clapton, Cream, Mayall, Taj Mahal, Bonnie Raitt, Bonnie and Delaney, Ry Cooder, Doors, Dylan, Dead, Jimi, Bob Marley.
  • Starting to dig Sheryl Crow, Natalie Merchant, Cowboy Junkies, Chris Smither, Robert Earle Keene, Steve Earle, Phish.

Favorite Recordings

  • Beatles White, Layla, The CSNY debut album, Santana, Hotel California