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Sean Kelly

Manifesto, anyone?

this is my red 'x' in a little square. People say its just an image-not-found icon but I say I love it. Dont you?

Well, it had to happen.

I swore I'd never have a homepage on the web--just like I swore I'd never own a cellular phone
uhhh...oh yeah, I got on eof those last week...Well, so much for principles!
But I figured , heck, for 20 wholenote member points, why not?


I'm one of the people who has been developing wholenote and I'm glad you're taking a look at it.
The reason I started collaborating on wholenote with my great friend Chris is because I'm not as good a guitarist as i want to be, and I wanted you to teach me. We made this site to become a giant brain that would one day take over the universe, musically speaking. We wanted all the some-time, full-time, part-time, and not-enough-time guitarists to have a place to go to grok musical knowledge and contribute what they know to their fellow players. Even if you only know one lick or wrote one chord progression in your life, you can put it up on wholenote and someone will be able to find it and learn from it. Over time, we want to grow a musical resource that could never have existed before the web, a book that keeps writing itself (and plus it plays all the music at your own speed).

I hope you find the time to stick in a bit of your own musical experience to share with your fellow musicians.

Musical Influences

  • The Pixies
  • Bad Brains