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Me and my Backpacker

The Folksinger

I'm Bill Evenhouse, a 78 year-old who has been playing the guitar and keyboards for most of most people's lifetimes. I write my own music as well as play folk and pop tunes, and I want to share what I do.

Surf And Listen

I set up a web site mentioned in the title of the first paragraph, offering free MP3 downloads of my music, and I intend to additionally make a lot of public domain folk stuff available, hoping it'll get used in schools and homes as well as in some person's MP3 player. I live in Cairo, Egypt, and at the moment work full time on my music. Check me out and contact me through the folksinger site or this one.

Musical Influences

  • Jack Elliot
  • Bob Dylan
  • Frank Sinatra

Favorite Recordings

  • The Pizza Tapes
  • Ella Fitzgerald Sings Cole Porter
  • The Freewheeling Bob Dylan

Favorite Lessons