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Long time player in need of some stimulation

Classical, Jazz, blues and classic rock

I've been playing for 20 years or so and never became the player that I wanted to be so any suggestions, resources, whatever would be greatly appreciated so send me anything of value. I consider myself a strong intermediate, although a little bit rusty, what I do I do well but I need a lot more. I also play classical which is very demanding. I love the resources that are available on the web these days. I'll also reciprocate and provide any information or resources that I can.

Vintage schmintage

I play a new American series Strat which is incredible (after replacing the stock pu's with Lindy Fralins) and a new Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 401, the tone I get is the best I've ever heard. I also have a Martin D-1 which I'm very impressed with and a Ramirez classical-beautiful guitar. New: just bought a DeArmond M-72.

Musical Influences

  • Steely Dan, Robben Ford, John Williams, David Russell, etc.
  • Eric Clapton, Larry Carlton
  • Pink Floyd, Eagles

Favorite Recordings

  • Steely Dan, Aja
  • Robben Ford and the Blue Line
  • Rush, Roll the Bones