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Build Up

Time to fling it down. Integral information, which is adequately useless - 22 years old, university student. May all be welcome to this delightful site, and do not shy away from asking me a question if so desired.

Me and my instrument

I am still just a babe when it comes to ability, however my inspiration and patience outweighs this lack of true ability.

Still looking for someone to dive into the philisophical depths of guitar, and its social rigours. Be them romantic, desperate, dispare, or pleasure!

I play a Northwood OM custom acoustic (Rosewood back, sitka bearclaw spruce top), a Takamine G series cutaway, a Warrior bass to a 200W Yorkville amp, a Fender (Japanese) to my new and beloved Alessandro English 20 W Tube Amp, with a 2x12 cab. This amp is amongst the most beautiful sounding and looking creations I have ever witnessed. In my search for a new amp I played Buddas, Fenders, Marshalls, Mesas, Trace Elliots, a Dr. Z, and even a Soldano. If your in the market for an amp please contact me for info. :)

*News Flash* A new electric guitar will soon be hitting my hands!

Musical Influences

  • Jackson Browne
  • The Strawbs
  • Ian Hunter

Favorite Recordings

  • Jackson Browne - Everyman
  • Runrig - Amazing Things
  • Way too many others!