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Kirk Lorange

Kirk Lorange

Slider from Australia

Hi fellow music lover. I've been playing since 1961, proffesionally since 1969. I specialize in slide, but I'm also known for my finger style acoustic playing. I moved to Australia from Canada in 1975, and since then I've been an active member of the Sydney music community. I've played on scores of albums, hundreds of TV commercials and dozens of soundtracks.

I now live at a beautiful place called Tamborine Mountain, near Brisbane, where I run an Internet mail order business selling my book PlaneTalk -- The Truly Totally Different Guitar Instruction Book, the companion DVD, my latest slide guitar DVD, my own beautiful brass slides and CDs of my music. I also play in several line ups, and run Guitar for Beginners and Beyond, where you'll find well over 100 fingerstlye lessons, all with movie, tab, notation, midi, commentary ... you really can't help but learn!

PlaneTalk and Slide in Standard/Dropped D

...what's the TRICK is to decoding the maze that is the fretboard? check out PlaneTalk. It's a comic-strip conversation that takes place on a plane between a seasoned guitarist and a guy who gave up trying to figure it out. The pro lets him in on a secret, a shorthand way of thinking of music and the guitar, a simple trick. The reader gets to listen in as the lesson unfolds. PlaneTalk comes with a free Guitar Slide Rule and a 60 minute DVD demonstrating the simple but all-powerful technique.

July 2006: I took delivery of the first run of my latest project: "How to play Slide Guitar in standard and Dropped D Tunings" DVD. In this 70 minute DVD, I talk and play you through everything I know about the art, which I've been doing on a daily basis since about 1969. Open tunings are great, but there's nothing like merging normal playing and slide into one hybrid technique. It really does spice up your sound. You can find out more here.

Musical Influences

  • Charlie Byrd
  • Lowell George
  • James Taylor