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Did someone say metal?

One of these days in gonna master this thing

Welcome to my page.I've been playing guitar for twenty years and don't plan on quitting any time soon.I've played in a few bands in the Dayton ,Oh area but am currently a solo act.(Band broke up,and not ready for the aggrivation of starting another one,yet.)I have been locked in my basement recording a demo for the past few months,where I'm playing all of the instruments.(even the drums!)

This is my current band

Sound can always be improved!

I'm currently heavily interested in speaker building.I've done a few guitar cabs, bass cabs,P.A. stuff and even home speakers and studio monitors.I'm basically a cheap gearhead so new equipment is just a couple of tools away.


Musical Influences

  • Randy Rhoades.
  • OLD Metallica.
  • >the million others that I can't list here due to space

Favorite Recordings

  • Ozzy-- Diary of a madman
  • SRV--Little wing
  • Metallica--Four Horsemen