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Tom's Great Homepage

here is my website, strong current


Hey I'm Tom, I love guitar and acoustic guitar but more electric than acosutic. I have my own band and to see it goto this website... it is a cool site, our band is called strong current

Well here are some cool bands

ReeL BiG Fish, 311, Phish, Bosstones, Offspring, and other cool bands like that.

Also here is my equipment

Yamaha Pacifica 112 electric guitar, a Jazmine Takamine acoustic guitar, a behringer blue devil 100 watt super amp with millions of effect combinations. Well thats about it right now, and guess what i bought all of that myself!

Musical Influences

  • aaron barret of reel big fish
  • the lead guy from phish, i can't remember his name

Favorite Recordings

  • hmm there are so many, but most 311 and reel big fish songs are awesome