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WARNING! Highly Addictive

The Want

I first wanted to play the acoustic guitar when I went to a party and everyone of my friends knew something about the acoustic guitar. And almost each of them knew at least one lick or two. And when it was my turn to play the guitar, I knew nothing about the guitar.

The Dedication

After getting a Yamaha classical starter guitar for Christmas that ran for about a $100, I started playing non stop for days on end, teaching myself out of one of Mike Christiansen/Mel Bay books, "Mastering The Guitar 1A." Since then I have bought me a steel string Ibanez AW50 and have been playing without rest for just under 1 and a half years. Major influential styles of music include Blues and Classic Rock, with an occasional chick lick to please the ladies.

Musical Influences

  • Eric Clapton
  • Dave Matthews
  • The Eagles

Favorite Recordings

  • Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds "Live at Luther College"
  • Eric Clapton "Unplugged"
  • Stevie Ray Vaughn "A Tribute to SRV"