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me... i'm married, with two children. i love my music and my family more than anything in the world, video games are a close second. i no longer use illicit drugs of any sort. i have a crappy job at the home depot. i've almost died twice, first time resulting in four months as a bed-ridden invalid. and i'm only twenty-three years old.

i own a ibanez five string, a washburn lyon mod, a fender strat and a nameless acoustic. i have a 40 watt fender practice amp because i don't play in a band anymore.

I call Christianity the one great curse, the one enormous and innermost perversion...I call it the one immortal blemish of mankind...Christianity has taken the side of everything weak, base, ill-constituted, it had made an ideal out of opposition to the preservative instincts of strong life...Christianity is call the religion of pity.-- Pity stands in the antithesis to the basic emotions which enhance the energy of the feeling of life: it has a depressive effect. One loses force when one pities.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Let us persuade men to be just, beneficent, moderate, sociable; not because the god demands it, but because they must please men. Let us advise them to abstain from vice and crimes; not because they will be punished in the other world, but because they will suffer for it in this.

Baron Paul dHolbach