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Welcome, Guitar Fans Everywhere!

Hello! My name is Don. I'm a 40 year old father of two currently residing in Cleveland, Ohio. I've been living here now about five years. Before that I lived in Germany for 8 years. I've always had a guitar around the house for about 15 years, and wouldn't you know it, I've only been playing it seriously for only three years. Man, what have I been thinking! I'm having a great time playing now, especially since my son (15) starting playing drums about four years ago. Together we jam to our hearts content (and our neighbors disdain). I am into blues and rock (mostly 70's, but I like all kinds of bands).

So Hey, Let's Jam!

I know, guitarists say that all the time, and maybe we can't really jam. But we can still maybe establish a contact. You know, talk music, exchange riffs, that sort of thing. So, if ya like, just contact me!

Musical Influences

  • Stevie Ray Vaughan
  • Warren Haynes
  • Duane Allman

Favorite Recordings

  • Statesboro Blues
  • Soulshine
  • Texas Flood