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This is me on the right playing bass for Vintage Backfire

Playing Bass And Guitar

Hi, I'm Rocco, a bass and guitar player in eastern PA. I'm always looking to jam and create bizarre (unique?)stuff. My wife Kris is an accomplished singer/songwriter. Check her out at // We currently have a crowded home studio. I now have a total of 13 guitars and basses with a variety of peripheral gear. My gear consists of five electric guitars (a wine-red Gibson SG Special, a Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro, a custom purple Stratocaster, a Steinberger Spirit Pro, and an Ibanez Artcore hollowbody), 1 acoustic guitar, 3 acoustic/electrics (a red Gibson EC-10, a Breedlove 12-string, and an Espanola), 4 bass guitars (an old cheap Kingston, a 5-string Aria, a killer acoustic-electric Breedlove Atlas, and my prize possession - an American Standard Fender Jazz Bass!), 5 amps including a Marshall 50W Valvestate, a great 30W Line 6 Spider III, and a monster 700W Gallien-Krueger bass head with both a 4X10 and a 1X15 cab, tons of pedals for both guitar and bass.

The 4 string Breedlove Atlas bass is great for acoustic gigs and has the tone of an upright. The American Fender Jazz Bass is my go-to bass for almost all venues. It is sweet!!!

The Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro is my newest acquisition and is a fantastic instrument. The SG is an old favorite with sentimental value. The purple strat is a hybrid that I put together from a cheap Squier strat. I replaced the neck with a wider maple neck with maple fretboard and Schaller tuners. I upgraded the pickups with a Seymour-Duncan scorcher in the bridge, a Texas Special in the middle, and left the stock pickup in the neck. It plays great now! The Ibanez Artcore is a great value hollowbody for the money. The acoustic/electric Breedlove 12-string is an incredibly rich-sounding guitar (I love Breedloves!!). I am currently playing bass in an original blues/rock band called Black Ditch Creek.

Musical Influences

  • David Gilmour
  • Tony Iommi
  • Ritchie Blackmore

Favorite Recordings

  • "Black" by Pearl Jam
  • "Like A Hurricane" by Neil Young
  • "Since I've Been Loving You" by Led Zeppelin