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Have fun

Whatever you do as a player and a person, make sure that you give yourself a "fun check" once in awhile.

Guitar and Music - Playing and listening

Out of the brain, fingers, guts, soul, sprit, and into the ears... simultaneously flowing out the instrument/voice and back into the loop. It feeds on itself and grows when it's good. When it's not, maybe something inside the loop just isn't hungry. I think that it's primal and nearly mystical to us which is why we often have a hard time explaing what music does to us...why we like it. Last, I think that money is the worst thing to happen to music, and I generally stay away from radio. Don't get the wrong idea.. I don't hate money or capitalism. I just dis-like the assault on creativity that usually takes place as the result of marketing to the masses. It's like averaging a series of numbers instead of using the real number. That's my take on Music. Playing and Listening.

Musical Influences

  • Almost all Punk Rock/Thrash
  • Blues
  • 60s stuff, House/Beat, Funk, Gangsta..