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Hey, I am a freshly graduated high school student who started playing the guitar about 4 years ago as a cure for boredom. I am definitly far from accomplished, although I have made enormous amounts of progress. I am a total Music addict, and have tunes blaring 24/7 so i became a member of whole note to keep on top of the music scene, maybe learn a few riffs and hopefully have some good music related conversation.

Still Here?

Well come on what more could you possibly want to now about me without tlaking to me? Surely youpeople are more interested in learning more or playng more guitar then you are about reading this jibberish so lets tlak again later!

Musical Influences

  • Jim Morrison
  • Eddie Vedder

Favorite Recordings

  • The Doors-Strange Days
  • Pearl Jam-Last Kiss
  • Incubus-Make Yourself