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Singing Deep Purple's "Highway Star" with my Les Paul on my shoulder and my EDS1275 behind me.... I LOVE IT! I NEED IT!!! I FEEEEEL IT!!!

Rocky Mountain Rocker

Hello, and welcome to my Wholenote Page.

Please check out my article "So, I Didn't Become A Rock Star". It will give you a notion as to how I feel about playing ...even though I didn't become a rock star.

People often ask "What kind of music do you play?" The answer: Rock and Roll! I know that covers a lot of sub-genres, but if it's straight-ahead rock and roll with guitars, of course, I'm into it!

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Recent News:

My son (he's 15) is sticking with his fledgling guitar playing, and I am very pleased with that.

finally found a traveling guitar that appeals to me. As an IT consultant that typically travels 30+ weeks a year, it's difficult to take a guitar along. I have a thinline acoustic that I have taken to client sites before, but only if I'm staying there several weeks or more, and I have somewhere secure to put it over the weekend. But this is SO portable, that I can take it anywhere, it fits in the overhead of the smallest CRJ, and I can practice through headphones. The action and tone are so unbelievable. The folks at my church were astounded by the sound when I played it during our Good Friday service. After checking out things like the Martin Backpacker, the Baby Martin, the Baby Taylor, and the Steinberger, I picked up an Ultralight by Traveler Guitar.

Musical Influences

  • Robert Plant / Jimmy Page
  • Ian Gillian / Ritchie Blackmore
  • Nugent, Ritchrath, Van Halen, Satriani..

Favorite Recordings

  • Led Zeppelin "Presence" (new 320 kbps mp3's)
  • Fuel "Something Like Human"
  • Sublime