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Jeff Kirby

The more I know...the less I understand

The above seems to have become my mantra while studying jazz. For every concept I study and incorporate into my playing, I become aware of two more that start the process all over again. However, I wouldn't trade it for the world. Jazz brought me to theory and theory has elevated my technique and style to a level I didn't think possible when I started playing.

Influences and Favorites

Musical Influences
Antonio Carlos Jobim Joo Gilberto Charlie Christian Grant Green Kenny Burrell Joe Pass Pat Martino Click on any name for a Bio on that artist

Favorite Recordings
The Wonderful World of Antonio Carlos Jobim His Majesty, King Funk - Grant Green Live at the Village Vanguard - Kenny Burrell

Favorite Lessons
Chord Melody 101
Robert Strait
Movable Chord Forms
Robert Denman
Charles Gacsi