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Addicted to the guitar?

All abouts me.

Hey there, my name's Jake... I am a relatively new geet-man, but i've become addicted and can't force myself to stop learning and playing. I'm a mere, naive 15, and even worse, lowly freshman. At this point in my life I can't see myself doing anything that doesn't involve music, but I'm sure that'll change when I find I have to make money on my own...


Kindred is my band that's just starting to get together and write songs. We are an improv band that always throws in jams and such mid-song. Our sound is loosely based on rock, jazz, reggea, bluegrass, etc. The only covers we play are old sit-com theme songs (sanford and sons, etc.) The band consists of 2 guitars, drums, bass and keys... We're hoping to get some MP3s up soon, so stay tuned!

Musical Influences

  • Phish, Greatful Dead, Eric Clapton
  • Elton John, Bob Dylan, Miles Davis
  • John Coltrane, Beatles (nobody is NOT influenced by the Beatles)

Favorite Recordings

  • Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue
  • Phish - Junta
  • Beatles - White Album