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MOVEMENT!! (I'm a reviwer there)

and four songs on
check it out :)

My gear:

Guitars:Epiphone Bully SG, Squire Standard Stratocaster. Grestch Electromatic Duo Jet. Danelectro thingy.
Amp:Fender r25w
Pedals:ROuge DST-5, Danelectro Flanger and Pastrami OD, DOD Envelope Filter GFX-25 (not that I use any of them most of the time)

Musical Influences

  • Trail of Dead, My Bloody Valentine, Kitchens of Distinction, the Cure, British Sea Power, Placebo, Suede
  • Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie(!), Interpol, B.R.M.C., My Dying Bride, Emperor, Shape of Despair, Cradle of Filth, Projekt Bands,
  • The Beatles, Fugazi, Joy Division, Velvet Underground, Bauhaus, Catherine Wheel, Borknagar, MoonSpell, H.I.M.

Favorite Recordings

  • VU and Nico, Velvet Underground, Cruelty and the Beast, Cradle of Filth: Archaic Course, Borknagar;
  • Scary Monsters, Low; David Bowie, Crackle; Bauhaus, Disintegration, Faith; the Cure, anything by Pulp
  • In on the Kill Taker, :Fugazi, Turn on the Bright lights; Interpol, anythign by Joy Division, British Sea Power, everythign by the Beatles