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Give Peace A Chance


I'm Jay,I've only been playing a short time.As a beginner I have found my home at Wholenote.

My teen years were in the late 60's

That gives away my age, was raised on all of the typical rock- pop music of the era.I played a alto sax during this time.But that was a while ago. Learning the guitar is a new challange and Whole note is GREAT.

Musical Influences

  • Carlos Santana,F.Zappa,Hendrix,Santrini
  • Eric Clapton,Neil Young, CSNY
  • Doors ,Moodys,Beatles,Stones,Steppenwolf,Dead etc.

Favorite Recordings

  • Jimi Hendrix Experience-Smash Hits
  • Eric Clapton-Unplugged
  • Santana-supernatural