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Just another Dental Floss Farmer

Music can't be created... it can only be found.

I started playing guitar around 7 years ago, while I was still in high school, but I quit 2 years after that because I was unmotivated (I went to a few bad teachers... Remember this good guitar players do not necessarily make good guitar teachers). Then 2 years ago I picked it up again this time I taught myself. The first year I studied music fundamentals, Elementary harmony, and fret board logic. Lately I have been transcribing allot of Frank Zappa stuff, I might make a website later on in the future and throw them up there.

Here are some theory books that I have read and I would recommend:

Music Fundamentals by Elvo S. DAmante
Rudiments of Music by Robert W, Otman & Frank D. Mainous
The Jazz Theory Book By. Mark Levine
Pentatonic scales for the Jazz-Rock
Keyboardist by Jeff Burns
Elementary Harmony by Robert Ottman

I started looking into advanced harmony and counter point but they are very low on my priority.

Musically I focus on Jazz fusion, which for me is basically taking Jazz theory and applying it to a Rock sound

Equipment I use to torture my neighbors

So um I got a POD last week and I must say I am very pleased with it. I havent touched my Mesa / Jekull & Hyde since I got it. I made a little recording with the POD; give it a hear G POD Blues.

I have a few fenders, but they mostly collect dust. The guitar I use the most is my Carvin T-Bolt, which I assembled myself, Im really digging this guitar may need to change the pickups though. I play it through Mesa/Boogie Subway Blues, which is by far the best amp purchase Ive ever made. I like to keep it simple so I only use one pedal, which is a Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde.

Musical Influences

  • Danny Gatton
  • Frank Zappa
  • Carlos Santana
    Jeff Beck

Favorite Recordings

  • Danny Gatton's Version of Killer Joe
  • Jeff Beck Version of Manic Depression
  • Frank Zappa - Son of Mr. Green Genes
    Santana's Europa (Earth's Cry Heavens's)