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Never too much guitar!

The Perfect Instrument

I'm James Moody. For years I've played guitar, and each one keeps getting better. I enjoy playing other instruments, but the guitar keeps on drawing me back. There's nothing like the feel of a semi-hollowbody against your side, the vibe you get when a crowd enjoys what you're doing, or when you and your favorite rhythm section lock in so tight and sound so wonderful that it brings tears to your eyes.

Musical Influences

  • Danny Gatton,Roy Buchanan,SRV,JamesBrown
  • John Scofield,Vince Guaraldi,Ben Folds
  • Parliament,and many good local players

Favorite Recordings

  • Danny Gatton-Cruisin' Deuces
  • Vince Guaraldi-Greatest Hits
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan-Any of his albums