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Still plugging away!

And as time passes . . .

Well, I lost the desire/inspiration to play for awhile there, but it's coming back. I recently started a free online guitar class at Barnes and, based on the K.I.S.S Guide to Playing Guitar. It's been very inspiring, I do recommend it for amateurs, in need of inspiration, like me.

Musical Influences

  • Adam Ant
  • Throwing Muses, Incubus, REM, Tool/A Perfect Circle
  • Dave Matthews Band, XTC, Thomas Dolby, VAST, Bush, Nirvana, blah blah blah

Favorite Recordings

  • Any and basically everything by GOD
  • Lots of stuff by my "musical influences", of course
  • Also anything and everything by XTC, most REM stuff, and Title of Record by Filter is VERY addictive, as is Music for People by Vast