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Randy Hano

~Go For What You Know!!!~

"Live at the Martini Blues - 2006"

My The GTR Be With You...

Thanks for visiting my page here at Wholenote.

For those interested, I play various styles. I would consider myself a chameleon playing styles from Bach to Rock, from Country to Rockabilly and Blues to Jazz.

As for my philosophy, I believe that a good guitar and/or amp will give you the greatest pleasure in learning, studying and playing the music you enjoy. Your ability to study, learn and play different forms bring the true inner self out in understanding music. This freedom of expression is limitless.

Music is the greatest creation of mankind. With it you can express feelings that spoken words can never say. So open your mind to all forms of music. Whether it's good to you or not, you can learn from it.


I am currently playing solo acoustic guitar around Southern California. You can also find me playing pickup gigs, playing at local blues jams and with a blues band called Cadillac Hubie.

You can find more info about my shows at "RandyLeeHano"


For about 8-9 years I played in the local tribute scene.

Bands included Arrival (2009) which was a short lived Journey tribute, Bad Animals (2005-2008) a Heart tribute, and Exit Stage Right (2003-2005) - a Rush tribute


In 1993, I had the pleasure of meeting the late great Danny Gatton!!! What a great loss to the guitar world. He was such a fantastic player.


During 1993, I played in a band called Tara which was named after the lead singer. We on the strip at the infamous "Roxy" and "The Whiskey" but nothing ever came from it. Here is a sample of our original music from that time."Taken By Innocence".


In 1990 I had the pleasure of meeting one of my guitar hero's Robben Ford - What a treat!!!


For you "Heavy Metal" maniacs, I am old school! In 1983 I played in a band called Malisha. The original band folded a few months after we relocated to LA from Hawaii but our lead singer Kim LaChance (of Vixen fame w/Marty Friedman [Megadeth]) took the 5 tracks that we recorded (in Hawaii) and combined it with some other material she recorded and released in 1986 - Malisha - "Serve Your Savage Beast" on Shardan Kane Records.


I now possess two live rigs. One for larger venues and pure to Rock the house. It consist of a 1980 - Marshall JCM800 with a 1960AV Slant Cab. For smaller venues, blues and jazz, I now use a Jet City JCA20H through either 1 or 2 Mesa Boogie Theile back cabs. These are loaded each with a single 12" Celestian Sidewinder.

Enjoying Music...

I enjoy improving my sound and tone all the time so my pedalboard has changed once again. It consists of a Boss Tuner, Xotic RC Boost, the infamous Cry Baby Wah, Xotic AC boost, Xotic BB preamp, Electro Harmonix Memory Man and a TC Electronics Chorus. I am always trying something different to get the tone and texture that I frequently hear and play. Depending on the venue, I may use a Ernie Ball Volume Pedal and/or Dunlop Rotovibe. The Rotovibe is great for that Leslie sound and using it in Stevie Ray Vaughn songs.

On rare occasions, I might use my Line 6 POD Live XT. I love the XT for practice and rehearing with no amp, just a PA - Let us plug and play!

My mistresses are - 2 Fender Strats, G&L ASAT Classic, Gibson Les Paul Studio Premium Plus, Gibson Howard Roberts Fusion, Chandler Soloist, and a W/D Tele. Acoustic's include '86 Ovation Collector and a Takamine Classical.

Other gtr's include - Takamine Classical, Taylor Baby, Hondo Chiquita, Fender PJ Bass.

I am also on Soundclick for some fun stuff at MSMusik Soundclick

If you would like to know more about me, visit my website at MSMusik

You can also visit some of my playing on You Tube at ModernSaintMusik

Musical Influences

  • Danny Gatton, Robben Ford, SRV,Dann Huff,
  • Zakk Wylde, Jimmy Raney, Brian Setzer,
  • John Jorgensen, Steve Lukather, Steve Morse and many more...

Favorite Recordings

  • Danny Gatton - Unfinished Business, Return of the Hellecasters,
  • Miles Davis - Kind of Blue, Giant - Land of the Runaways,
  • SRV - In Step, Fourth Estate - Fury and Finesse, Toto - Live in Amsterdam