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welcome to my home page, fellow guitarists.

Hi, Im Brad Hoekman (19) from Adelaide, Australia, I'm currently studying at university. Ive enjoyed playing the guitar for most of my life, it's my passion. Im a left handed player mainly into heavy music but also enjoy playing accoustic and classical styles.

A brief summary of my life playing the guitar.

I had always wanted to play guitar as a kid. My mum got me into it by starting me off with classical lessons. My first guitar was a beatiful Maton classical whaich was given to me by an old retired classical guitarist mum knew who could no longer play due to artharitis in his hands. I took these lessons for about 3 years but as a youngster, found the classical style a bit boring. I had a break then changed guitar teachers and started to learn more rock type material. I eventually bought an electric (strat copy) I begun to reproduce the music I had always listened to - hard rock (ala guns n roses, AC/DC) and metal (metallica). After having a variety of guitar tutors (mostly slackers) I quit takeing lessons. Theres only so much you can learn from un-enthusiastic money grabbers! most of my knowledge is now self taught. I can learn and play almost anything and have a good ear but my theory needs work. I find it really boring learning theory but Im slowly getting there.

I worked in a supermarket for a couple of years while in high school for the sole purpose of buying my dream guitar, a Cherry Sunburst Gibson Les Paul standard. My les paul is awesome, my pride and joy. I still have my classical, the trashed remains of the crappy strat copy, and have since bought a choice Maton electric accoustic. I use a boss metal zone distortion box, crybaby wah and play through a Marshall valvestate 230. I am currently saving for a tasty boss multi effects unit and trying to get a band together (without much success so far!)

Musical Influences

  • Kirk Hammett & Hetfield (Metalllica)
  • Sevendust
  • And an old favourite - Slash (guns n roses)

Favorite Recordings

  • Metallica - the Black album
  • Sevendust - Home.
  • Randy Rhoads - Dee.