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Some folks say I look like Jesus

This is my band. I did the weird image manipulation not for effect, but because we are possibly the ugliest band on the net. I'm the one with the Yin-Yang on my shirt.

Another crappy guitar player...

I live in picturesque Capshaw, Alabama, which is about ten miles west of Huntsville. I've been playing since ~1985, and geez, you'd think I'd be better by now. I learned on classic rock, but I've really been more into jazz for the last couple of years. My dream is to make a comfortable living playing my own songs. My reality falls somewhat short of this, but hey, I'm still breathing. another local band

My band finally found a drummer who will put up with us. We're a four-piece doing original music, with the usual vat of cover tunes thrown in so we can actually get gigs. We're called Evil Olive, and here's our budding webpage:
Evil Olive webpage.

Also here's our page at
Evil Olive on Soundclick
with all 6 original songs off our debut CD, called Ready. Give 'em a listen sometime. It makes our chart position jump slightly, and warms the cockles of my heart.

Musical Influences

  • Geetarists: Satch/Vai/Pettruci/SRV/Kottke/Adrian Legg/Gatton/Michael Hedges/Hendrix/Gilmour/Jason Becker/Kelvin Holly
  • Songsters: Paul Simon/Richard Thompson/Tom Waits/Billy Joel/Tori Amos/Indigo Girls/Big Head Todd/Ben Folds
  • Jazzers: Charlie Haden/Charles Mingus/Charlie Hunter/Scott Henderson/Dave Brubeck/Wes Montgomery/The Flecktones

Favorite Recordings

  • Haunted Heart - Charlie Haden
  • Scenes from a Memory - Dream Theater
  • 6 & 12 String Guitar - Leo Kottke