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Hi, welcome to the land of Greybeard

  • I'm nearly 50 years old
  • I have a grey beard
  • I am no longer slim (I was once)
  • I'm still young at heart, but getting cynical in my 'old age'
  • I'm a freelance computer consultant by day, and a frustrated rock superstar by night (mostly)
  • I like to drink good wine, but usually end up with Californian, Italian and South African reds
  • I do not want to join the European Monetary Union - Do Americans want to share the same currency as the Mexicans, Canadians and Cubans??
  • I don't line-dance, thank you.
  • My other passion is my Alfa Romeo 164 Cloverleaf see: Cloverleaf Register

  • I've been married to Zena for twenty-nine tears, sorry, years, since we were at school
  • She is not grey, blue or any other un-natural shade
  • To discuss her physical properties would be suicidal
  • She is a 'Health Service Professional' by day, and a 'Domestic Systems Executive' at all other times or when not engaged as 'Teenage Taxi Service' operative.
  • We have a daughter, Sophie, who is 15, but what's that got to do with it? What? You just don't understand! It's not my fault! What?? Homework?? Get real!!
  • Sophie likes horses. No, Sophie loves horses - she would prefer to be in a stable rather than at home. Unless the TV is on, preferably tuned to Buffy, MTV, Simpsons, any other teen crud you can imagine.
  • My father has started to lean to play the axe - he's just turned 76 - what a guy.

  • I like (appreciate) most things - except perhaps rapp and modern jazz
  • Blues, '70's rock, The Beatles, Climax Blues Band, Be Bop Delux, Traffic, Sting, Zep, all the usual suspects
  • Classics as well - Opera (Magic Flute, Carmen, Pavarotti, Spagetti), Orchestral (Beethoven, Bach, that Russian bloke as well, Tchicofski or summat)
  • I support the local Young Musicians association, see:
  • I've recently had a passing interest in 'classic' jazz, and have been attempting a few standards
  • I'm still a novice really, even after all these years. I play all kinds of things - mostly badly!
  • My ambition is to have Zena remain in the same room while I play..............
  • ............and to accompany Sophie on her clarinet in public.

  • I picked up the habit again in early 2001, after a break of thirty years.
  • My budget/musical tastes suggested an arch top, so I bought an Epiphone Sheraton 2, natural finish. Nice.
  • I've got some Les Paul standard PU's to install - will replace the entire switch/pot garbage at the same time.
  • My long term acoustic, an old Eko Ranger 12 Jumbo, was broken beyond repair in an accident - it was terrible to play and sounded awful
  • I replaced it with a Tanglewood Earth 500 - very pleased with that one. Rich tone, well made, good price.
  • I recently bought a Line6 Spider 1x12 amp. Rock on Tommy!
  • I'm having a secret love affair with a DeArmond Ashbory Bass at the moment - currently I can only worship from afar............ oh those silicone strings!!

Musical Influences

  • Beatles, 60's music, 70's prog rock, Hendrix,Zep etc
  • Eric Clapton/Peter Green/Pete Haycock/Billy Gibbons
  • Talking Heads, Garbage, and many others......

Favorite Recordings

  • Be Bop Delux - Sunburst Finish
  • Paul Simon - Graceland
  • Anything by Traffic/Fleetwood Mac/Talking Heads