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well, for all you curious internet type, this is me= I am a self taught guitarist; I learned piano early on in life from listening to songs and just transfered the notes to guitar. The guitar is an infectious disease for me, any song I here, I must learn it, any jingle on tv, anything. Influences? Well, its been anyone at one given time from Page to Hendrix, Trowers, Waters, Anastasio, Garcia and Weir, Morello, Summers, Winter, Dunn, Rheinhardt. I'm a big Dave Matthews fan, just on basis that his rythyms are completely original. I love Radiohead, truthfully, I love anything with feeling; love hate depression curiousity and reality. enjoy life!

guitar guitar guitar

If you want to know the infinite truth about playing guitar, then look elsewhere. Everyone has different truths, different techniques; no one guitar player is better than the other. Maybe one musician has a better brainstorm of ideas at one given time than the other, who knows? There is really no reason to idiolize; be yourself, don't let anyone down you. You are definitely doing fine.

Musical Influences

  • everyone
  • everyone
  • don't limit yourself

Favorite Recordings

  • Hendrix Machine Gun
  • Dave Matthews #41