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Michael C. Age-39 7/8. Palm Springs, CA. Beginner guitar player. Drummed in different So. Ca. rock bands from 1986-93 or so. Employed by local Indian owned resort/casino. I play an Epiphone Special. For $113.00 including shipping w/some extras, I couldn't go wrong. I have many, many guitarist's I admire. My age is showing because I can't name many of today's influencial players. I really don't have a talent level yet. I could always use some tips. Stop in and say hi.

Musical Influences

  • Guitarists I admire:David Gilmour ,Jeff Beck, SRV
  • Hendrix, Gary Moore, Clapton,Eddie Van Halen
  • Drummers: John Bonham, Neil Peart, Ian Paice, Rod Morgenstern

Favorite Recordings

  • Music from the movie 'Crossroads' especially the guitar dual at the end
  • Freeway Jam-Jeff Beck. 'Strange Brew'-Cream
  • "Do you feel like we do?" -live of course. The list is endless