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Matt Thomas... ummmm ya....

It is a little out dated (about two years ago), it was when i was in Blabbermouth...

Well here's me... don't be too bored.

Hey my name is Matt and I am a musician from good ole'Augusta, GA. I play electric, accoustic, and bass guitars, drums, a little bit of the keyboard, and i sing. I've played in three bands in the past two years. One of them (BlabbermOuth) was punk rock in which i played the bass guitar and was lead singer. We played for about 9 months and then our drummer went off to college down in Florida, so we were left hanging around wondering what to do. We got a new bassist and i became the drummer. This was the second band kinda... it was kinda like a "Blabbermouth Part II" or something like that. we got another singer cause we started playing a little bit of emoish-indie rock style and it helped to not sing so i could concentrate on my playing. We did one show and it was really good, but i knew that it was over because we were already having some problems in the band between members. So i basically quit. After a few months me and the guitarist, that has been playing with me in the previous two bands, started a new band. In this one we got a bass player and a drummer and i played lead guitar along with the other guiarist and lead sang. We played and emo style and (i think) sounded really good. We could have been compared to a mix of The Get Up Kids/Jimmy Eat World/Sunny Day Real Estate... but our drummer was stupid and just stopped playing. We could have made it, but i guess it wasn't supposed to be... So now i've be wandering endlessly, searching for some musical destiny. It's my soul passion to play, but current circumstances hold me back. Right now i'm playing in my praise and worship band at my church. I am playing drums and singing a little background. It's fun, but i'd rather be up on a stage holding my guitar staring at hundreds maybe thousands of people singing my own songs, singing my heart out, and see everyone else singing my songs too... that is my dream. Someday... someday i'll make it. I know i will..... below is one of my songs (or actually a poem) that i used in one of the songs of my last band.

Musical Influences

  • Dashboard Confessional
  • Juliana Theory
  • Jimmy Eat World

Favorite Recordings

  • A New Found Glory (all their cds)
  • Dashboard Confessional
  • Enema of the state- Blink 182