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Its getting better all the time...

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What up, all, Im Jake..Im a die hard MUSIC fan. I graduated from Crystal Lake South Highschool, IL in 2004 . I met a lot of fantastic musicians at my school, who served as inspiration later on

I'm a full time guitar teacher at a local music store, Piano Trends. I've got over 60 students, 80% of whom rock the **** out. Its the -perfect- job.


I kinda have an open taste in music. My preference is progressive rock. On the side, I like any kind of jam band music, new or old, is of interest to me. Stuff like Maha Vishnu, Mr. Bungle, crazy trance techno stuff, Phish, Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd, Beatles...

Most of my time playing now is STILL spent playing licks, practicing exercises, and mainly playing lead guitar. I'm kind of a shredder type, though I'm starting to care a lot more about making small phrases sound good rather than long phrases sounding fast. Basically, I still have a ton of learning to do.

That being said, I've accrued quite a bit of information and now teach guitar lessons publicly and privately. Its a fantastic job- If I hit the lottery tomorrow I'd still keep half my students.

I took lessons with a progressive guitarist by the name of Tom Hess for a few random years. I can't begin to tell you how much these lessons have helped me out- I can improvise leads that I never thought possible and my knowledge of theory has been drastically improved. Check him out at

I've kinda broken away from playing classical as much, but I still have fingernails on my right hand to keep pluckin away. It's still an interest of mine, but I spend 80% of my time on my electric.

My biggest obstacle right now is writing music. There is so much music I like listening to, and I don't know what I want to hear when I start writing something- I don't know if I want to go progressive on it, or classical, or what....

I just have to dedicate one paragraph to Dream Theater here. Just buy their CDs. Now. Trust me, it'll be good for you and your brain and your guitar. Start with "Scenes from a Memory," or "Images and Words".

Start playing polyrhythms.

Musical Influences

  • John Petrucci, Jaymz Hetfield, Kirk Hammet, Tom Hess, Frank Zappa, Lennon/Mcartney AND Mcartney/Lennon :-)
  • System of a Down, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Dream Theater, Unphrey's McGee, M.O.E.,
  • J.S. Bach, Isaac Albeniz, Francisco Tarrega, Augustin Barrios, Heitor Villa-Lobos

Favorite Recordings

  • Anything by Dream Theater, Metallica, System of a Down, Dream Theater
  • Classical Gas -Mason Williams. I just freaking love it.