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jay's comfy couch

howdy folks

welcome to my page. im very pleased to meet you. im a beggining guitarist. ive been playing for a few months but havent had any lessons. ive read a few here but havent gone in depth. i tend to think of myself as a god among men but unfortunitly no one else does. thats ok though.i guess i should tell you what i play. i have a ibanez G10 a fender champion 30 amp a distortion pedal and a flanger(both DOD)i listen to alot of angery music such as nine inch nails and tool but i also listen to alot of happy music like cake

im addicted to music

i really am.i almost always have music on. unless ill get in a s---load of trouble for listening to it. my tastes are really varied. my favorite band ever is pink floyd. the music makes me feel so good. radiohead comes in a second. sonic youth is also another one of my favs. my favorite guitar players are: 1.dave gilmore(pink floyd) 2.larry lalonde(primus) 3.frank zappa

Musical Influences

  • radiohead
  • pink floyd
  • primus

Favorite Recordings

  • radiohead-kid a
  • pink floyd-dark side of the moon
  • cake-motercade of generosity