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....Getting better....

I wanna play the blues

Yo what's up, I'm just your average guy trying to make some music so... help me out here.

My gear

Right now I'm playing a crappy Ibanez GaX70 through a Crate GX-15R (I'm in an apartment)and a Digitech RP100. The next guitars on my list are an Ovation Celebrity and a Parker P-38. I kinda think I'll end up picking up a Mexican strat, just because I think everybody should have one. I'll worry about a good amp when I start playing for people.

Musical Influences

  • metallica
  • black sabbath, zeppelin
  • SRV

Favorite Recordings

  • black sabbath: we sold our soul for rock n' roll
  • Metallica, from Kill em all to And Justice for all
  • tool stuff, pantera