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Ibanez rocks!


hey, i'm a pretty young guy, but i've been playing for a good three years now, teaching myself the ways of the guitar. i just receently bought an Ibanez GAX70 which is the best guitar i've ever played. i went into the shop wiht 2000 in my pocket and came out with a $350 guitar. was gonna get a clapton stat but picked up the Ibanez and fell in love. i play on a Marshall practise amp, one of the new ones with the stereo system features and it's worth more money than the guitar, lol!

Musical Influences

  • jimi hendrix!
  • greenday and blink 182
  • the police and ac/dc

Favorite Recordings

  • the wind cries mary
  • money for nothing, brother's in arms
  • sweet home alabama!